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Mahindra Farm Equipment

Rice is the third most produced crop in a staple on dining tables, the world over. At Mahindra we endeavour to ease the burden of production from the farmers, through our wide range of Rice Transplanter solutions offered through to Brands.


Under Mitsubishi brand we offer wide range of transplanting solution ranging from walk behind trans planters to a huge range of ride on trans planters. In the walk behind type we provide two products with Horse Powers ranging from 2.6 & 4.5 HP. In Ride on type, we offer Eight products with Horse Power ranging from 6.3 to 23 HP with options from 4 rows to 10 rows of planting. Ride on type trans planters provides operational performance through its speed of operations, more number of rows for transplanting & higher seedling carrying capacity. It also provides high level of ergonomics & operator driving comfort.

We sell Mitsubishi brand trans planters majorly in Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and other South East Asian countries.



Number of Rows

4 to 10 Row


2.6 to 23 HP


Under Mahindra brand we offer end to end solutions for transplanting in India. Right from availability of rice seeds, nursery making & transplanting all of this covered. The walk behind transplanter MP461 is highly popular in India.

The four row transplanter has demonstrated increased profitability with Precision Transplanting, which offers adjustable plant to plant "Distance Planting Methodology". It also has a 5HP motor, easy accessible controls, faster operations rates and uniform depth in planting.


Walk Behind

Number of Rows



5 HP