At the heart of Mahindra's philosophy is its commitment to providing the best products and services at the best prices to the global farming family.
To this end we have relentlessly pushed ourselves to break the industry benchmarks on what defines high-quality equipment, services and business operations.

We remain the first and the only tractor company to have received the coveted Japan Quality Medal, presented to us for following the highest Total Quality Management (TQM) practices.

We were also the first tractor manufacturer in the world to win the Deming Application Prize in 2003, which truly cemented our pride in the quality of our offerings.

This was the first time in history, that one tractor company had the distinction of being the recipient of both, the Japan Quality Medal, and the Deming Application Prize.

This inspiring acknowledgement of effort is what fuels our desire to aim even higher and give the global farming community an even higher level of customer focus, more improvements in overall quality and increased excellence in business processes in the future.