When a brand is rising globally at a relentless pace, there’s an evident need to mount its products on a grand scale and engage more people with an impressive showcase. In that sense, Agritechnica 2017 provided the perfect platform to Mahindra’s world-class end-to-end farm mechanisation solutions that are winning over the farmer community across borders. To capitalise on this opportunity, Mahindra made its first appearance this year at Agritechnica, the World’s No. 1 agri fair, held in Hanover, Germany.

In the words of Mr. Rajesh Jejurikar, President and CEO of Mahindra's Farm Equipment Sector (FES), “Our vision is to continuously shape the future of agricultural production and to promote prosperity through agriculture worldwide. To this end, we are already positioned worldwide and pursue a continuous growth strategy. Through partnerships with leading agricultural machinery and technology companies, we are able to offer complete solutions for agricultural mechanisation, from tractors and implements to harvesters.” Since Mahindra is currently targeting the Western European market with the brands Sampo Rosenlew and Armatrac, and is also focusing on strengthening the existing brands’ position, participation at the event added immense value.

No stone was left unturned to splendidly display Mahindra’s existing and new range of hi-tech tractors along with its partners’ products, tractor by Erkunt, harvesters by Mitsubishi Mahindra and Sampo Rosenlew and implements by Hisarlar, between 12th and 18th November. The company’s theme for the event was sharply and aptly crafted as ‘We have farm solutions for every need. Come Rise with us.’

At the event, Mahindra captured eyeballs and triggered interest with its innovative products exhibited at the elaborate stall which was designed as the shop-in-shop display of farm solutions by Mahindra, Hisarlar, Armatrac, Sampo Rosenlew and Mitsubishi. The company introduced its newly developed tractors - the 6000, 7000 and 9000 series, machinery and equipment for soil tillage, sowing and harvesting products as well as the implements. Little wonder, these tractors attracted maximum interest from the visitors.

Mahindra's new tractors featured the proprietary and patented mCRD™ engine technology for added efficiency and lower emissions, heavy-duty synchromesh transmission with power shuttle and heavy lift hydraulics. The less complex mCRD™ engines require no operator involvement and provide high fuel efficiency and excellent torque characteristics ensuring maximum productivity. Innovative and versatile, these tractors are ideal for primary and secondary tillage, crop protection, mowing, haying, slashing and other loader applications.

One of the milestone moments of the event was the signing of the Dewulf Agreement. Mahindra entered into a licensing agreement with Dewulf for the manufacture and marketing of potato planting equipment in India. This association with Dewulf, the world’s foremost full-liner in potato and root crop machinery with presence in Belgium, the Netherlands and Romania, is set to expand the horizon for Mahindra and sharpen its expertise.

During the 7 day event, a major press conference was organised on 13th November which was attended by 63 journalists from USA, Canada, Turkey, Japan, India, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Poland, UK, Finland, France, Hungary, Serbia, Japan and Ireland. Members of the press were given a detailed presentation on Mahindra’s latest products, breakthrough mCRD™ engine technology, Digisense – a smart solution which enables Mahindra tractor owners to be in complete control of their tractors 24x7 through their smartphone, and Trringo - a revolutionary tractor and farm equipment rental business that makes farm mechanisation easily accessible and affordable to every Indian farmer. The constructively interactive press conference was followed by high tea. The press members were suitably impressed and Mahindra’s presence at the event was extensively covered by leading print and electronic media. On the other hand, there was active engagement on social media through informative and updated posts on Facebook and Twitter.

In midst of all the action, a gala dinner was also hosted which encouraged interactions with business partners in a more relaxed manner. The event proved to be a great success for Mahindra. We got around 10,000 visitors, in particular from Germany, the Ukraine, Bulgaria and other countries in South-eastern Europe. “Our newly developed tractor range – the 6000, 7000 and 9000 series – met with particular interest,” informed Mr. Jejurikar. The visitors also focused on the mini tractor Jivo 245 and a 38 HP tractor with loader and backhoe.

With this participation, Mahindra has taken one more effective step in extending the reach and deepening the impact of its farm mechanisation solutions.