In March, Mahindra took the Australian tractor market by storm with the launch of enhanced tractor portfolio. The introduction of these models is a statement of Mahindra’s dominance in the agri mechanisation sphere. All the models reflect unmatched value, performance, reliability and toughness that are the hallmarks of Mahindra.

The launch of the tractors was done spectacularly at an event at the beautiful Palm Meadows on the Gold Coast. The presence of Mahindra’s successful dealer network, industry partners, industry media, management and Aussie cricket icon and Mahindra brand ambassador, Matt Hayden, added to the excitement quotient of the launch.

The fact that the new products range from the market garden master, Jivo, to the mighty 92HP model, 7590, is noteworthy. With this launch, Mahindra is set to make its presence felt in an increasing number of homes in rural Australia. While compact, Jivo 245Di is a 24HP wonder which is designed to fit perfectly into vineyards, inter-culture or landscape applications, where a careful touch is needed. The two new variants of the popular Max, Max 28 and Max 36, cater to every taste and budget. The 50HP Mahindra compact tractor and the brand new 3650 with power shuttle are built to deliver premium value like no other. Carrying forward the legacy of toughness and durability of Mahindra’s heavy duty tractors are 6075 20 / 20 Creeper, the latest 75HP, 80HP and 90HP models. The top end models in this new launch are the 80HP and 92HP tractors, 7580 and 7590, which are perfect for primary and secondary tillage, livestock operations, crop protection, haulage and loader applications and a myriad of other basic field applications.

Mahindra’s Best Overall Performing Tractor Dealer, Neale Goad from Ballarat Mahindra, considers the versatility of the range as Mahindra’s biggest strength. “Ballarat is all potato farming one way, the other direction goes into sheep, and 50 kilometres in another direction goes into broad acre farming. We’ve got that and a lot of lifestyle around us ranging between 1 and 40 acres. That’s why the Mahindra product suits us, we can have a little 25HP for most gardening purposes, right up to the 100HP, which will do most farm applications, and everything in between.”

Anthony Mangold from Thompson’s Farm Gear at Wauchope, who was one of Australia’s first Mahindra tractor dealers back in 2007, feels that the brand’s values have continued. “What we see in the new range are some very exciting new compacts, and some new models in the 60 - 90HP, and they seem to be still built on those principles that got Mahindra off to a good start in Australia. The reasons we took them on, and the reasons a lot of our customers did in the early days too. I can see that people looking for those same benefits and features and still finding them in a modern Mahindra tractor now.”

The plan is to roll out these seven new models progressively throughout 2018, and give Australian farmers enduring partners who will empower them to flourish.

At the event, good performance was also lauded. Col & Debbie Reynolds of Tractor General were awarded the Best Performing Commercial Tractor Dealership. On receiving this honour, Mrs. Reynolds said, "We didn't know we were receiving the award, it was such a surprise. People come to the conference from all over Australia and to receive the award was very special. We feel very proud." Mr. Reynolds added, "While hard work has paid off, we couldn't have done it without our customers."